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Don't be limited by huge costs and long-term lease agreements. Be flexible. Save
your cash and time for your business. Discover HANs that are beyond the standards
of convenience,find cost advantages that will inspire you and your employees.

Don't be limited by huge costs and long-term lease agreements. Be flexible. Save

Flexible Solutions Suitable for Flexible Operations

The pandemic triggered the world to transform our existing ideas about the workplace. Offices will always be the cornerstones of corporate culture however we now view the office as a more flexible structure, with a new culture, where headquarters need to be optimized, satellite offices spread around the city, and coworking areas are created so employees can work close to their homes. For employees that will continue to work from home, teams that will be working in hybrid mode and field staff, we are building a service network and platform to easily manage the changing needs of each company.


Become a part of the HAN business network, let your employees work close to their homes, benefit from our home-working packages and use our meeting rooms as much as you need, with the HAN approach.


Let's analyze and optimize your headquarters. We can reduce expenses and increase revenue. Instead of your old office, let's move you into your new office, at a lower price and without the initial investment cost. Be a part of a pleasant ecosystem where you get complete end-to-end services.

Office Services

Welcoming & Front Office Services, 24/7 Security & CCTV, Wi-Fi, Correspondence and Cargo services, HAN Card privileges and advantages, Cleaning, Electricity, Water, Air Conditioning, Maintenance-Repair, Coffee and Treats

Services For Your Business

Secretary, Meeting Rooms, Community and Event Management, Valet, Printer and Photocopy, Mail Delivery

Corporate Services

HR, Legal and Financial Consultancy; Cloud Solutions and IT Support, Corporate Training and Seminars

Don't waste your capital on the office


No furniture costs!

No construction costs!

Membership-based, monthly payments!

Corporate Solutions

After the pandemic, the business world quickly adapted to flexible working models. Flexibility in business, space, technology, costs and contracts will be the natural reflection of the new era.

HAN Spaces provides experience and convenience to employees with multiple location advantages, alternative social areas and differentiated designs, while offering solutions to companies with flexible contracts and operational efficiency.

Any time, any HAN

Using your HAN Card and App

• Work in an open or closed environment
• with Comfort
• Fast Internet Connection
• Tea, Coffee and Treats
• Suitable for physical distancing
• with HAN health, hygiene and ventilation standards


Special Packages for Your Needs

• Corporate memberships in lounge and coworking areas
• Secretarial services
• Special Meeting Room packages and Conference Rooms for groups between 2-20
• Special discounted prices for our online and offline events and seminar packages
• Unlimited tea and coffee services
• Lockers for rent


HAN WFH(Work From Home Solutions)

We offer Nurus furniture with its patented comfort and ergonomics, Logitech technology and Turknet home internet for your employees who plan to work from home.

Let's analyze your headquarters and optimize your workspace. We can reduce expenses and increase revenue. Move to a more efficient workspace with no initial investment cost and be part of a pleasant ecosystem where you get complete end-to-end services


Consultancy and Training

Check-Up & Fit-Test: Let's analyze your company's needs to optimize your office space.
Education: Workspace Management Training Program
Consulting: Re-Set Workspace Hybrid & Flex Transition to Work



Let us manage your space with end-to-end services that includes everything from reception to cleaning, we can move you into your new office with no initial investment cost.


Corporate Coworking

Let's turn the areas you've invested in but don't use into experience centers and turn your expenses into income.









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